Friday, May 18, 2012

Daydream surreality

My life feels so disjointed sometimes that it's been hard for me to write. What kinds of interesting things cross my mind that people would actually "get"? How can I possibly correlate all of these things together.

There is love, care, grief, anger, compassion, desperation, wisdom, stupidity and all things in between.

If I could afford to I think I would take a time out on my life. Seriously. I would leave all my tech stuff (computer, phone etc) in a safe little pile at home and go explore some third world jungle. Or gaze at the pyramids of Egypt, Peru and Mexico.

After pausing time (so as not to embarrass myself) I would climb to the top and scream my heart out to the universe. The powerful emotions inside of me would no doubt burst upwards in a magnificent pillar of light which would open a portal in the sky to another dimension. I would be sucked into it and find myself on a strange planet. Feeling an increased amount of energy I check out my surroundings and noticed I am wearing sexy leather armour and am armed with a serious looking knife and a crossbow. My body is ten years younger and I can feel my muscles humming in tuned perfection.

Maybe I should flesh out this daydream and turn it into a story.